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Behind The Screens: metroConnections In-House Creative Services

July 26, 2022 // Educational Series

Just like it is with your favorite movies and TV shows, the most dazzling and successful business events are almost always the result of a small army’s worth of dedicated, brilliant people coordinating their efforts to make something special.

metroConnections is dedicated to delivering award-worthy, on-brand performances for all of our clients, from Enterprise-level companies looking for their next blockbuster, to scrappy and independent startups hoping to showcase their cutting-edge brands and ideas. In order to do this, we’ve assembled an internal creative services team with a diverse range of skill sets and perspectives that are ready to turn your conference or event vision into a reality.

metroConnections creative services are led by Phil Karatz, Creative Services Director and is made up of roughly 15 full-time staff members and counting. Karatz says that his team draws their creative inspiration from a commitment to honoring and understanding the client’s brand and vision, and that they operate with a bottom-up “best idea wins” approach to innovation.

“We have a very talented group of creative-thinking people with diverse styles and backgrounds,  who know how to take a clients vision and bring it into a branded conceptual idea,” says Karatz.

“It really helps us get outside of the box, which is a challenge that we constantly have from our clients and metroConnections leadership.”

An Introduction to metroConnections Creative

Content Creators and Editors: Bringing a bit of movie magic to metroConnections, these folks are responsible for work including video shoots, animation, and visual event collateral, plus scenic designs for LED walls and other digital set design elements.

Web Builders and Developers: Our web specialists have been especially busy over the last few years helping metroConnections’ clients transition their events to digital spaces. They work closely in tandem with our 3D Modelers to create our immersive virtual event portals as well as in-person online registration websites.

3D Modelers: These savvy software specialists create designs and renders, scaled models, and 3D content, as well as immersive virtual event spaces for hybrid or fully virtual events.

Graphic Designers: Our designers create custom-branded and themed supporting collateral for our clients’ events which include program agenda, on-site signage and more. Their work plays a key role in ensuring that a client’s brand remains consistent throughout an entire event.

Fabricators: metroConnections houses a full-service fabrication shop, where our engineering wizards transform our 3D Modelers’ renderings into real world objects, including large scenic design pieces, stage sets and artworks.

Project Coordinators: The backbone of creative services, these folks manage the thousands of assets that flow through every project in order to turn an idea into an event. They’re our client’s first point of contact and handle version control, proofing, and other critical elements of quality assurance and communication.

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