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Brand Experience Begins with the First Touch

January 23, 2020 // Insights

Your conference or event experience starts long before attendees physically enter the venue.

Registration is the first impression audiences will have of your brand when considering attending your conference or event – so you want to be sure you’re hooking them right away and making it a seamless experience. There are many opportunities – like the event website, registration tool and email communication – for you to make a splash, highlight your brand and excite attendees from the first point of contact online to the moment they walk in the doors to your event.

metroConnections can help you put your best registration foot forward, including providing the humans behind the technology to work through any mishaps, design considerations and user questions. It’s easy to fail at a good first impression when the registration experience is difficult to navigate, unattractive or totally disjointed from your brand. Investing in this step of the process will pay off in a big way in the long run.

This pre-event experience will be in the back of attendees’ minds when they arrive in-person at your event, so you want to ensure they’re entering it with confidence and excitement. Everything from signage to the design of the name badge to the graphics on your custom mobile app should have a cohesive, branded look that matches the look and feel of the registration experience they’ve already had. Taking these thoughts into consideration will strengthen the overall impact of your event and ensure attendees arrive engaged and familiar with your brand.

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