Sourcing Specialist

March 19, 2024

A Sourcing Specialist on the Technical Operations team is responsible for external and internal sourcing management for technical program requirements (audio/visual equipment and labor). The Sourcing Specialist will receive direction from a Technical Director regarding the specific outsourced needs for a production program (audio/visual equipment and labor). They will then submit requests in the form of an RFP to various vendors, requesting quotes within a designated timeframe. They collaborate with the Sales Team to ensure complete and accurate proposals are developed, and with Technical Directors to ensure a thorough hand-off for smooth program planning/execution. Programs include full-scale corporate productions, tradeshows, and events. 

The goal is always to provide streamlined information, identify the best quality at the best price, and to provide the best possible on-site experience for both customers and team members. A Sourcing Specialist can accomplish this goal by implementing the metroConnections Brand Pillars in everyday work functions with internal colleagues and external clients and partners: Connection, Innovation, Adaptability, Partnership, Dependability, Execution.

This is a full-time, salary, bonus-eligible, hybrid position. Work locations will include independent remote/work from home, occasional team office work in Burnsville, MN, and occasional on-site event work (both within the Twin Cities, domestically including overnight travel).

Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyze, organize, document, and improve processes related to the sourcing of technical (audio/visual equipment and labor) program requirements.
  • External sourcing management for technical (audio/visual equipment and labor) program requirements, including but not limited to the following:
    • Receive direction from a Technical Director regarding the specific outsourced needs for a production (audio/visual equipment and labor).
    • Proof and deliver RFPs to multiple vendors per program including in-house providers.
    • Request revised quotes based on updated specifications and provide revised financial documents to the sales team.
    • Respond to RFPs; award and decline business.
    • Deliver complete financial documentation for the Technical Director and sales lead, including vendor, venue, scenic, and internal metroConnections costs.
    • Cultivate existing vendor relationships and establish new ones.
    • Negotiate partnership discounts, rates, terms, contractional conditions, etc.
  • Internal sourcing management for technical (audio/visual equipment and labor) program requirements, including but not limited to the following:
    • Reserve internal inventory by creating entries in internal inventory management system.
    • Create shipping requests to gather quotes to include in financial documentation.
    • Submit custom shop build requests to gather quotes to include in financial documentation.
    • Submit freelancer requests to gather quotes to include in financial documentation.
  • Collaborate with internal and external Technical Directors and Sales Team to ensure complete and accurate proposals are developed.
    • Review vendor quotes with the Technical Director and Sales Team and make recommendations
    • Provide direction and informed suggestions to sales based on budget considerations, i.e. out-of-scope options.
    • Provide financial documentation from external and internal sourcing.
    • Proof proposals before they are sent to clients.
  • Collaborate with internal and external Technical Directors, once assigned, to ensure a thorough hand-off for smooth program planning/execution.
    • Provide all financial documentation from external and internal sourcing. 
    • Provide administrative support for Technical Operations team members pre- and post- program.
    • Support with on site execution on occasion, especially when there is an opportunity to enhance the experience and knowledge of the Sourcing Specialist related to vendor management, equipment, labor, etc.
  • Act and think independently and use discretion, especially with respect to significant matters and information.
  • Work collaboratively with all service teams within metroConnections.
  • Participate in all aspects of metroConnections where appropriate/when assigned.

Minimum Qualifications include:

  • Establish and maintain a high-level of organization. 
  • Technology literate with a passion for learning new things. 
  • Exhibit strong computer and technical skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office including PPT, Word, Excel, and Outlook. Microsoft Excel skills related to formulas and data management are important for this position. 
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to stay focused on tasks, as well as a strong attention to detail and organization/documentation. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication, including presentation skills (English is the primary language). 
  • Provide excellent service via email, on the phone and in-person. 
  • Ability to effectively balance multiple priorities and meet deadlines. 
  • Manage stress successfully: adapt to change, trouble-shoot, and make decisions while maintaining a calm and respectful demeanor. 
  • Can deploy adaptability and critical thinking. 
  • Work independently to come up with viable solutions. 
  • Take direction from multiple managers or team members, as well as having a good understanding of with whom to advise/consult in the event of conflicting instruction. 
  • Multi-task efficiently, learn quickly, and provide detailed work while maintaining big-picture thinking. 
  • Demonstrate common sense, comprehend instructions, interpret documents, and apply abstract principles to a wide range of complex tasks.  
  • Understand the meanings of words and effectively respond, analyze information, and write reports, and comprehend complex issues and communicate effectively to diverse groups.  
  • Perform basic arithmetic accurately and compute rates and percentages.  
  • Ability to work well in a team environment; able to collaborate and compromise, both as a lead and support role. 
  • Work successfully with many different types of personalities. 
  • Maintain a cheerful and positive attitude. 
  • Maintain a presentable appearance as many work functions are performed in or adjacent to a corporate atmosphere. 
  • Ability to please most people and accept feedback and criticism in a constructive manner. 
  • Ability to follow through with commitments and show concern for the needs of others. 
  • Has an eye for continuous improvement. 

Benefits Package Highlights:

  • Comp Time for on-site program hours worked over 40  
  • Overnight Program Travel Bonuses – $50.00 per night for overnight program travel  
  • Paid Time Off – Starting with 15 PTO Days  
  • Paid Holidays – 9.5 Days Annually, including Employee-Owner Appreciation Day (first Friday of March)  
  • Summer Fridays – Reduced Business Hours on Fridays during Summer Months  
  • Employee-Owned – Employee Stock Ownership Plan – Retirement Plan 100% funded by the company  
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan with company match  
  • Medical and Dental Insurance – 50% company paid  
  • Options for Voluntary Disability Insurance, Voluntary Vision Insurance, Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance  
  • Parental Leave – 10 Days Paid  
  • Bereavement – Up to 5 Days Paid per occurrence  
  • Annual Uniform Allowance  
  • Monthly Cell Phone Reimbursement 

Please send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to  No phone calls please.

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We value the diversity in society and the diversity amongst our employees, and we believe that by successfully managing this diversity, we can gain from it and become a more effective business. If you are excited about this opportunity but your past experience does not align perfectly with the qualifications, we encourage you to apply anyway. This or another opportunity may end up being a great fit for you!

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