Case Study

Compeer Connection


After a year off in 2020 during the pandemic Compeer Financial decided to bring their teams together for an in person meeting in Wisconsin Dells. With four primary corporate initiatives as the focus metroConnections was challenged to create a teambuilding activity where each initiative was highlighted.


With over 450 participants slated to attend over 2 sessions the task was to develop a challenging, engaging, and entertaining teambuilding activity that would foster creative thinking, strategy, and collaboration. With the theme focused on a science fair four different “lab” stations were created. At each station the teams were challenged to build a replica of a unique invention that demonstrated scientific principles.


metroConnections custom designed four different challenges or “labs”; DaVinci Bridge, Rube Goldberg Machine, Newton Cradle and Balloon Powered Car. Each lab required a complete team effort and shared thinking. Teams needed to work efficiently within the time frame and strategize about the best way to complete each challenge. This activity was truly where invention meets innovation.



As teams worked together to complete each lab and utilize the various strengths of all team members, they were able to complete each activity during the allotted time. Executives working within the different teams observed how their initiatives were being practiced and were able to share their findings with the participants in a debriefing at the conclusion of the event.



metroConnections was able to create an engaging and exciting team-building exercise which allowed participants to network, collaborate, and see their corporate initiatives at work first hand.