Case Study

Dataminr Sales Kickoff Meeting


Partnership pays off. When AI-tech innovators Dataminr teamed up with metroConnections to produce their two-day virtual Sales Kickoff Meeting for the second time, both companies were able to lock-in and elevate a critical sales conference with focused, effective branding and production value.


Dataminr’s team challenged themselves and metroConnections to build upon the success of their 2021 virtual Sales Kickoff Meeting and deliver a conference that would inspire confidence for the new year in the 500 employees that attended the conference remotely.


With a mission to go above and beyond for this repeat client, metroConnections team thoroughly executed the complex logistics of a multi-day virtual sales meeting, synthesizing a mix of live and pre-recorded content from several different presenters broadcasting remotely all over the globe.

Website created for a corporate company's virtual event


metroConnections worked with Dataminr to fill the virtual conference portal with thoughtful branded touches centered around a slick and dynamic motorsports theme. Employees were greeted with a polished, eye-catching opening video that set up the virtual experience with a cinematic flair. Subtle nods to the motorsports theme were incorporated from start to finish.

Website created for a corporate company's virtual event


Dataminr’s team praised metroConnections effusively for their expertise and steady competency, expressing gratitude for a partner that “truly values and cares about their clients.” The Sales Kickoff Meeting scored highly on a follow-up poll, with Dataminr employees heartily agreeing that the meeting would make them more successful in their roles in the future.