Case Study

Sovos Annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting


metroConnections helped global tax software leaders Sovos inject a much-needed blast of personality, humor, and engagement to their Annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting in January by foregoing the stale “talking head” format in favor of a bold new presentation that featured elements of sketch comedy and talk shows.


After two years of virtual-only meetings, the Boston, MA-based Sovos came to metroConnections looking for innovative ways to combat “virtual fatigue” and ensure that their employees were still locked-in to the content being presented at their upcoming virtual Annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting, despite being spread across 14 office locations in 10 different countries.


When discovery sessions revealed a passion for comedy within Sovos’ executives and employees, metroConnections leaned on their deep knowledge of television production techniques to shape Sovos’ sales meeting content into a presentation that resembled late-night television comedies like Saturday Night Live or daytime talk shows.



From an SNL-style sketch comedy intro lampooning virtual fatigue to a keynote presentation from an executive delivered in the style of a stand-up monologue, Sovos’ virtual meeting was full of genuine laughs and excitement. There were even “commercials” featuring executives and sales force team members answering whimsical “get to know you” questions!



Sovos’ new presentation format was a smash hit, thoroughly charming the 250+ employees tuning in from around the globe and providing a much-needed relief from the mundane–all while retaining engagement at previously unheard levels for a virtual conference. Sovos loved the format so much that they were eager to return to it for future virtual meetings.