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Company-Wide Salary Increase

May 30, 2018 // News

metroConnections Announces Company-Wide Salary Increase

Company projects year-end savings due to tax reform bill, giving funds back to employees

metroConnections announced this month that it will provide a one-time salary increase for all full-time team members in the amount of $1,000. All hourly employees will receive an equivalent increase of $0.50 per hour. These increases are in part attributed to the projected savings the company will benefit from at the end of 2018, due to the recent tax reform bill. That bill coupled with a highly probable record-setting sales year allowed metroConnections ownership to reward its award-winning team with a company-wide salary raise.

The salary increase will impact all 73 full-time metroConnections employees in nationwide locations including Minnesota, Florida and California.

Over the years, metroConnections leadership has intentionally diversified and strengthened the skillset of its entire team – and the company has never been a stronger force.

“We are delighted that we are able to share the savings we will see from the tax reform bill with our staff. They are the key to our success, so it only made sense to pass the savings onto our team members!” says David Graves, president and CEO, metroConnections.

For nearly 35 years, metroConnections has been providing complete conference, event, stage production and transportation services to corporate conference, meeting and event markets nationwide.

About metroConnections

Since 1984, metroConnections has provided complete conference, event, stage production and transportation services for meeting and event planners nationwide. The company operates from its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn. The metroConnections team uses its expertise and resources to specialize in the design and implementation of themed events, stage productions, transportation, tours and conference program logistics and meetings. metroConnections also offers audio/visual and production services and is the creator of Attend-eSource®, a web-based solution that includes elements such as online registration and custom-built event websites. For information on planning conferences, events, stage productions, transportation logistics

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