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Don’t Hire a Contractor, Hire a Partner

July 6, 2022 // Educational Series

A company’s events are most effective when they honor and reflect the culture and strengths that the business possesses. While competitors might be content to offer one-size-fits-all event solutions, metroConnections is deeply committed to learning their clients’ businesses inside-out through the process of research and discovery. This knowledge allows metroConnections to craft tailor-made strategic recommendations to help their clients achieve their ultimate goals for an event.

“Having a long relationship with a client means that we learn their brand, we learn their culture, we learn their goals, so we’re able to almost predict what they’re going to want and anticipate their needs,” says metroConnections Director of Program Management Amy McCollum. “We’re able to deliver better results because of that trust.”

Working with a steady, reliable event partner like metroConnections will help your events earn a reputation for consistency and quality control, factors which are important to ensuring that your attendees become repeat customers. However, consistency isn’t the only benefit of a long-term strategic partnership. Because of their institutional knowledge of clients’ businesses and the greater events marketplace, metroConnections is equally capable at delivering fresh, new ideas that up the ante for recurring events.

“Getting to know a client doesn’t just allow us to recreate the same experience, or the same expectations,” explains McCollum, “Strategic partnerships also allow us to create a unique experience for every iteration of an event.”

For example, metroConnections has been producing an annual incentive trip for a medical services company for several years. Over the course of their partnership, metroConnections has gained a crystal-clear understanding of the types of activities and amenities that are most effective at motivating their client’s employees. Every year, metroConnections challenges themselves to deliver an exciting new venue along with enticing new gifts and activities.

“Having that longevity with a client, we know what we’ve done for them for the last three, or five, or seven years,” McCollum says, “We can continue to elevate event experiences because we know what’s been done in the past.”

Like any great relationship, effective strategic partnerships come down to one word: Trust. With a wealth of experience across a broad range of disciplines and an industry-leading reputation for customer service and quality, metroConnections has earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies and scrappy upstart businesses alike.

“Our clients are experts in their respective fields, and they rely on us to be experts in our field,” explains McCollum, “By building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, we’re able to forge a bond that delivers results that get better, year after year.”

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