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A Winning Event at U.S. Bank Stadium

August 1, 2017 // Insights

The Inside Scoop: Planning a Winning Event at U.S. Bank Stadium

metroConnections is no stranger to planning in sporting facilities – specifically, U.S. Bank Stadium. From private VIP events to the public Medal of Honor Welcome Ceremony open to 1,000 guests, we know the stadium inside and out.

Based on our expertise, here’s a list of tips for planners new to U.S. Bank Stadium:

Live by the three “S”s – signage, staff and space

With multiple entrances and exits, signage (both printed materials and human arrows), and security are critical for way-finding and safety. A well-trained staff and clear directional signage keeps attendees happy, and helps keep the event running on time. For smaller meetings of 50 to 100 guests, choose a stadium lounge area. On-field meetings are best suited for much larger groups.

Study your AV contract

Understanding the specifics of your rental agreement will save you money in the long run. Also consider any AV limitations. For example, if you are seating attendees on the field, you will need to bring in additional speakers.

There is no audio coverage on the field.

Dominate the LED

A totally unique and super cool feature of hosting an event at U.S. Bank Stadium: using the giant scoreboard LED screens! Plus, if your event is the only one in the building at the time, you may be able to feature company branding and logos on the monitors throughout the main concourse.

Get in the huddle – communication is key.

When working with stadium staff, keep in mind key dates for in-season events (Vikings games, concerts, state finals, etc.). Normal office hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m., M-F) are completely different for event staff at the stadium. Plan ahead and create a call or meeting schedule that fits with their working hours.

Highlight the little things

Ask stadium staff for “little known facts” you can pass along to guests. Historical tidbits and local lore connect guests to their experience and provides “insider info” they can share with family and friends when they return home.

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