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iPad Check-In

November 7, 2016 // Tools

iPad Check-In: What The Pros Know

Technology Solutions Manager Rachel Barrett explains why streamlining attendee check-in with iPads is fast becoming an industry best practice, especially when powered by metroConnectionsAttend-eCheckIn solution.

How it works:

The registered attendee list can be pulled from various online registration systems: Cvent, Certain, etouches and Attend-eSource. Each registered attendee receives a unique QR code, either on their badge or via email. Attendees scan this QR code at convenient iPad stations to check in and gain admittance.

Why pros love it:

Fast and versatile – Mobile iPad stations dramatically speed up check-in for all activities including general sessions, breakouts or other events.

Tracking and reporting – Our Attend-eCheckIn provides real-time attendee counts across all sessions and fast tracking of individual attendees based on location check-ins. You can easily create customizable reports with filtering options, too.

Extra Security – With Attend-eCheckIn, an alert is issued when a non-registered attendee seeks admittance. Admission override is easily accommodated at the attendance monitor’s discretion. For lost confirmations, new QR codes are pushed out via email, reinforcing security and eliminating badge-reprinting hassles.

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