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Maximize Your ROI on Your Next Event

July 1, 2022 // Educational Series

Have you ever purchased a new phone or other gadget to aid your productivity at work, only to realize that you now must sink valuable hours into setting up your new device and learning how it works? Now, imagine if you had to set up a new and confusing device every time you came into work. You’d be lucky to get anything done!

If your company changes event producers every time that they host a new conference or trip, then we have bad news: You’re likely experiencing a similar loss of productivity in your process.

As any experienced business mind knows, the key to maximizing your return on investment is a willingness to explore and correct your inefficiencies. The time and energy you and your staff spend onboarding a new vendor is time that you should be spending solving the complex challenges of your own business – time that has become all-the-more valuable in a labor-shortage economy.

“Many of our clients are having to ask their employees to multi-task between roles due to labor shortages,” says Sydney Wolf, metroConnections Vice President of Sales, “Our job is to do all of the heavy lifting for our clients, to take that weight off their shoulders and give them one less thing to worry about.”

The wealth of experience that metroConnections has accumulated through years of industry-leading event production allows them to intuitively craft strategic solutions that cut out wasteful spending and make sure their clients’ budgets stretch further. These solutions can be as simple as creating multiple event registration forms for a better user experience, or as complex as deciding between two attractive event venues.

“We recently helped a client decide between two five-star hotels for their annual event, one in Puerto Rico and one in Florida,” says Wolf.

“While the Puerto Rican venue offered incredible beach views, we ultimately steered our clients to choose the more budget-friendly Florida hotel because we understood that our client’s packed event schedule wasn’t going to offer attendees much downtime to spend on the beach.”

metroConnections commitment to understanding their clients’ brand and broad-scope business values helps them ensure that their clients’ events are working to serve their goals, rather than just going through the motions.

For example, metroConnections recently produced an event for a well-known spirits company at a major motorsports rally.

“Because of our research, we knew that our client’s sleek, luxury-oriented aesthetic wasn’t going be an ideal fit within the rustic flavor of the rally without a bit of tweaking,” Wolf explains.

Rather than sticking with the client’s basic branding package and living with the lackluster results, metroConnections pushed their client to incorporate more leather, wood, and metal into the design for their branding package. By relying on their deep knowledge of their client’s brand and going above-and-beyond in their strategic planning, metroConnections were able to deliver an extremely effective activation that maximized their client’s return on investment.

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