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Save Resources: Outsource Attendee Management

December 3, 2019 // Insights

What Resources Can You Save by Outsourcing Attendee Management?

When your business or organization is hosting a major event, there are so many cooks in the kitchen that you often don’t have an accurate count of who all is pitching in and how much time each employee is devoting to the pre-event planning, onsite logistics and post-event wrap-up.

If you try to calculate the amount of time spent on responding to attendee emails, coordinating room and travel logistics, and the myriad of other tasks and coordination details that take place behind the scenes, it truly can amount to an overwhelming number. Especially when the employees managing those details have regular full-time roles and responsibilities to look after, too. If you have one or more employees devoting 40 or more hours a week to planning a specific event or program, it’s likely that those services are worth outsourcing so your employees can focus on their real job, and not let anything slip through the cracks.

If you have one or more employees devoting 40 or more hours a week … it’s likely that those services are worth outsourcing

Depending on employee salaries and outsourcing costs, it may or may not be an actual cost savings, but there are so many other resources at play – experience and knowledge, brain space and bandwidth, even your company’s revenue and bottom line, depending on the staff taking time out of their day-to-day role to plan an event.

What we see time and time again is clients spending far too much time of their day dealing with attendee emails and being consumed by event attendee details. Not to mention, the burnout that occurs after a company event ends. We often see a company’s “event staff” take off days — oftentimes a full week – after a major event concludes to relax, recharge and catch up on much needed sleep. But that recovery time often means a follow-up survey and thank you email gets sent rather late, and post-event connections, productivity and revenue could be lost as well.
By bringing in an experienced partner like metroConnections to offload all the attendee management details behind the scenes can free up critical internal resources to focus on things like planning session content. Outsourcing can also free up resources for your staff to do the jobs they are truly meant to do at your event, like make sales and foster relationships.

If you’d like to chat through your specific attendee management needs, and how we could free up some of your staff’s precious time, we’d love to host a brainstorm call or discussion.

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