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Planning Around Hotel Service Issues

August 31, 2021 // Insights

Labor shortages could derail your next event–Here’s how metroConnections can help

Labor shortages have become a difficult part of daily life in 2021, and unfortunately, the hotel and hospitality industry is hurting for workers just as much as any other business. Major events and conferences have been plagued by hotel check-in slowdowns and a scarcity of transportation options. However, with a little planning and some help from metroConnections, your next event can be tailored to mitigate the effects of these shortages and still delivery a high-quality experience for your attendees.

“All of us in the hospitality industry have been hit really hard through all of this,” says metroConnections Vice President of Sales Sydney Wolf, “Even here at metroConnections, our employees have been wearing multiple hats.”

The first step to combating these shortages is to work with a partner like metroConnections that has a deep understanding of the hotel industry, and can help you anticipate where potential roadblocks could occur.

“Many of our employees are former hotel industry professionals, so we have a lot of empathy for their situation, as well as the right connections to work around it,” explains Wolf, “We’re in constant communication with our hotel partners around the country, so we know where we may need to send additional staff or resources.”

In one recent example, metroConnections helped an event’s organizers set up an exclusive satellite check-in location for a conferences’ attendees, allowing them to sidestep slowdowns at the hotel’s front desk. Not only was this a time-saving convenience, it also helped limit potential exposures for guests–an important factor during the pandemic.

Another challenge stemming from labor shortages has been a severe lack of transportation options. From taxis and ride-sharing services to rental cars and even limousines, cars and drivers are at an all-time premium, necessitating a thoughtful approach from an event partner who understands transportation logistics.

“It’s really hard to find vehicles and drivers right now,” says Wolf, “If a client is trying to do a lot of transfers, adding additional cars on last-minute is going to be extremely tricky, or even impossible.”

Sydney recommends scheduling-out transportation as far in advance as possible, and has encouraged clients to book vehicles and drivers for standby-service as insurance against unforeseen circumstances.

“You might not think you want two standby SUVs for the entire week because that’s an added piece to the budget, but if you have an executive that you know often times arrives late, just book it,” Sydney says, “You will struggle to find those last minute pieces because of the shortages.”

Through careful planning and the accumulation of good intel, metroConnections has already guided several clients through these labor shortages successfully, and they’re ready to make sure your next event is fully insulated from those challenges.

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