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Self Check-in Registration Kiosks

October 6, 2021 // Educational Series

metroConnections Tech Spotlight: Self Check-in Registration Kiosks are safe and efficient solution for your next event

From movie theaters to grocery store check-out aisles, self-service kiosks have become omnipresent piece of tech within our daily lives. In our new culture of social distancing, the ability to limit face-to-face interactions has never been more desirable or useful. metroConnections has always made it their mission to offer the best in self-registration technology to their clients, and in a post-pandemic world, this tech can be a crucial component of making your next event safe, sanitary, and economical.

“We’re hearing from our clients that their employees are more comfortable when face-to-face interactions are limited,” says metroConnections Attendee Services Specialist Samantha Phillippe. “Touch screens have become an increasingly welcomed sight in retail and entertainment spaces.”

Self-registration kiosks can take on a variety of forms based on your event’s needs, but are generally comprised of a tablet computer (often iPads) that has been equipped with app-based registration software that provides a clean and simple user interface for registration. metroConnections recommends using styluses with these devices for easy and consistent sanitation.

Often, tablets are paired with printing devices that can instantly create identification badges and other event materials that an attendee would normally receive from a registration desk. The whole process is quick, convenient, and allows for optimal social distancing.

“Our techs will still be stationed nearby to sanitize and offer support if needed, but these kiosks are really self-sufficient,” explains Phillippe. “Plus, because you’re creating registration materials on-site, you have a ton of flexibility for last-minute changes.”

Due to the ever-shifting nature COVID-safety protocols, that kind of flexibility is always a useful addition to any event’s toolkit. metroConnections’ in-house registration software makes it easy to add additional disclosures, waivers, and contact tracing questions to the registration process to make sure your event is in compliance and fully covered from a liability standpoint.

“As attendees are entering your event, you’re getting real-time data from these kiosks that you can monitor to help streamline your event flow,” says Phillippe. “If your venue has a strict social-distancing capacity, you’ll know exactly when you need to shift attendees into an overflow space.”

Collecting this kind of critical data helps strengthen your company’s safety plans, and could also help shape how attendees interact with each other. Phillippe describes a clever usage for employing this data that metroConnections is perfecting for future events. Clients, Phillippe says, could include a question about social interactions within the self-registration questionnaire that would instantly be rendered on the attendee’s badge during printing.

“Attendees at this type of event could choose to visually indicate their comfort level with close interactions by making a decision on-site,” says Phillippe. “This would allow a client’s employees to take a sense of ownership over their own safety and ability to social-distance.”

Self-service tech allows attendees to better shape their event experience based on their own comfort level, and has the added bonus of being, by its nature, more resilient against labor shortage issues. With years of experience deploying this tech for top-level clients, metroConnections can bring all of the benefits of self-registration to your next event.

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