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Virtual Pre-Recording Service

June 25, 2021 // Tools

Perfect Your Next Presentation with metroConnections’ Virtual Pre-Recording Service

Necessity, as the old proverb states, is the mother of invention. When the business world shifted to a fully virtual paradigm in 2020, metroConnections was forced to find innovative new ways for their clients to communicate to audiences. As video-conferencing became standard operating procedure for many companies, metroConnections invested heavily in technologies and procedures that would allow their clients to deliver industry-leading production values in the digital space.

After extensive research, metroConnections discovered the key to creating high-quality virtual presentations: A robust and comprehensive pre-recording service. Virtual pre-recording allows clients to account for the broad range of variables created by remote conferencing, and gives them the peace of mind that their content will be delivered at peak capacity.

In order to learn how metroConnections utilizes virtual pre-recording to streamline and perfect virtual presentations, we talked to Production Services Coordinator Erika Rgnonti and Recording Manager Zach Helvick.

Building Confidence for Virtual Presentations

Remote conferencing comes with a variety of minor challenges that can add up to a significant dip in presentation quality if not properly controlled. Before any recording happens, the metroConnections team will work with each speaker within the event program to ensure that they’re squeezing every possible ounce of performance out of their remote recording set-ups.

“Just like with in-person events, technical difficulties can quickly derail even the most confident speakers,” says Erika Rgnonti, “We work with clients to make sure that everything from their audio, to their lighting, to their internet speed is set-up properly to deliver the best results.”

Once recording begins, presenters who are less confident in their public speaking abilities will be relieved to note that pre-recording allows for multiple chances to capture a mistake-free version of their speech.

“The goal is to record the entire presentation straight through in one shot, because that’s what is going to feel the most natural and normal,” explains Zach Helvick “But since mistakes do happen, we always have the option to go back and do multiple takes.”

metroConnections’ recording staff carefully follow each speaker’s presentation during the recording phase and utilize technology to pinpoint specific moments for clients to review or strengthen in successive takes. This also allows a clients’ management team or legal departments to have additional oversight over their own content–ensuring that every minute of their program is airtight and on-message.

“By working closely with our clients before, during, and after pre-recording, we’re able to create a really high level of satisfaction with the final product,” says Rgnonti, “We’ve pre-recorded more than 200 sessions since the start of 2021 and haven’t had a single speaker who’s been unhappy with the final results of their recording.”

Make Event Day a Breeze

metroConnections’ pre-recording services also allow clients to clear away a number of potential road-blocks that can plague fully live virtual presentations. Choosing to pre-record allows for a significant increase in scheduling flexibility for clients, which is especially beneficial for larger enterprises with employees spread across multiple time zones. Executives or special guests with limited recording availability can also tailor pre-recording sessions to fit their busy schedules.

“If an executive based in Italy doesn’t want to be awake at 3 am in order to film his portion of a conference with an executive in California, we can handle that,” Helvick explains.

Once they’ve got the tape, metroConnections’ creative services department can seamlessly edit pre-recorded segments into programs that contain live elements while maintaining the appearance of a fully-live program.

“One of the most popular ways for our clients to mix live programming with pre-recorded content is to host a live Q&A session after a pre-recorded presentation,” says Rgnonti, “a lot of times, audiences don’t even notice the shift!”

Utilizing pre-recorded elements also drastically reduces the logistical headaches that can stem from a speaker running over-time on their segment, especially within programs featuring a larger number of speakers.

“If even one of those presenters goes significantly over-time, that can cause a ripple effect throughout the show,” explains Rgnonti, “If speakers choose to pre-record, we can cut down segments to fit into time-slots, or re-structure presentations to allow for more time for a speaker that’s really connecting.”

metroConnections pre-recording services are well-suited to businesses that have an interest in front-loading the planning and production for their virtual event for the sake of a smooth, stress-free event day experience. Their well-trained staff are up to the challenge of creating premium-quality virtual presentations with services that are user-friendly for companies of all sizes.

“Our clients are glad that they chose to pre-record when they see how much easier it makes the experience,” says Helvick, “It makes event day so much more relaxed when all we have to do is press play.”

Let’s perfect your virtual presentations. Our experts are up to the challenge of creating premium-quality virtual presentations with services that are user-friendly for companies of all sizes. Contact us today to get started.

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