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Beautycounter Leadership Summit

August 12, 2018 // News

Leading the Way: Beautycounter Leadership Summit

Beautycounter is a direct-retail cosmetics and beauty brand that creates and sells safer, high-performing skin care and color cosmetic products.

At this year’s Leadership Summit—the company’s flagship conference— consultants were inspired to broaden their reach and engage a larger, more inclusive audience. During the Summit, attendees were armed with the tools to not only strengthen their product and sales knowledge, but also to amplify their voices and expand their client bases.

Summit Highlights:

4,000+ attendees: sales consultants, executives, top field leaders and VIP guests

A 3-day conference hosted at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota included:

  • VIP keynote speakers
  • Training and educational breakout sessions
  • Off-property events
  • On-site shopping & product sampling experiences

How metro Made it Happen:

  • Fabrication and installation of custom furniture, sample shops and props
  • Full attendee registration management
  • Registration website design and management
  • Mobile app deployment
  • On-demand badge printing and scanning services
  • On-site staffing
  • Conference graphic coordination and installation
  • Custom flooring design, procurement and installation
  • Logistics, venue and vendor management
  • Transportation to off-property evening event

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