Case Study


In-Person Event Planning, Creative Direction, Stage Production, Event Management

Minnesota-based and globally-recognized retail leader, Target, relied on metroConnections to deliver a stunning, fully-branded setting for their Fall National Meeting’s All-Region Reception.


Target was insistent that every aspect of the reception’s decor should align with their iconic and carefully curated brand identity. metroConnections had their work cut out for them transforming the Minneapolis Convention Center’s characterless concrete exhibition hall into something wondrous.


metroConnections literally rolled out the red carpet and bathed the convention hall’s domed ceiling in a rosy glow flecked with Target bullseyes, extending a clean, retro-futuristic aesthetic across a forest of custom-designed decorations that made the cavernous indoor space resemble an otherworldly outdoor pavilion.

The top of a dome with branded lights


Target’s top employees were treated to an exciting mix of “outdoor” activities including mini golf, a food truck dining area and s’mores-making station, shuffleboard courts, and even a drive-in movie theater displaying classic Target commercials from the last half-century.

A mini golf course for attendees


Target’s All-Region Reception exceeded the brand’s lofty expectations, leaving the corporation’s 2,500 employees in-attendance with joyful memories and a renewed sense of connection with their company’s identity.