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Creative Thinking Saves the Day

August 1, 2019 // News

Conference venue construction issue gets a client-satisfying branded solution

The world of hotels is constantly changing, and our planners have to be ready to find out-of-the-box solutions whenever last minute road blocks occur. From changing food and beverage availability to cancellations, construction to extreme weather, we have to be ready with a Plan B, and sometimes a Plan C.

We recently had a huge program in Las Vegas for over 1,600 people. It was to be a general session in a theater setup, with world-class entertainment and speakers lined up for the big event. Twelve months of planning and work in the making, and just two days before our team was ready to head to Las Vegas, we heard from the hotel they had construction pop up and there would be scaffolding in front of the entire ballroom.

Since this construction scenario was not what we or the client had agreed to with the hotel, we were able to negotiate complimentary branding across the scaffolding, so the construction appeared to be behind a temporary wall. Our client loved it, we were able to brand the drywall, and got everything printed and installed in time for the event to begin. It ended up working out thanks to some quick thinking on our team’s end, as well as the hotel.

And after you solve a problem like that, you get the feeling you can tackle any obstacle in your event planning process on short notice!

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