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In.Sight User Conference EXPO 2017

November 8, 2017 // Insights

In.Sight 2017 was a powerful collaboration between TMW Systems, PeopleNet and metroConnections. To visually elevate the conference theme of “Boosting your IQ,” metroConnections designed a stage set that represented a puzzle coming together to illustrate growth and problem solving. This strong design concept quite literally set the stage for illuminating sessions, world-class speakers, talented entertainers, and influential content. It’s an excellent example of how metroConnections takes design and content delivery to new heights.

Here’s the expertise we brought to In.Sight:

  • Talent research and management
  • Confidence monitors & notes for presenters
  • Content creation and management – opening video, backgrounds, name reveals, next year reveal video, PowerPoint® assistance
  • Custom stage design
  • Rendering and diagram services
  • Awards show management
  • Rehearsal management
  • Script writing
  • Multiple cameras
  • Presenter management
  • Negotiating and securing AV equipment
  • Voice over talent
  • Show flow development

For three days in August, leaders of the transportation service industry gathered in Nashville to gain knowledge for a smarter future during the In.Sight User Conference and Expo.

“metroConnections continues to go above and beyond in working with our clients to ensure their theme is being represented in an appropriate manner. We designed all content around this theme, working with 20+ presenters to keep them aligned.”
— Heidi Foels, Producer

Image courtesy of PeopleNet,
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