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Keys to a Successful Virtual Sales Meeting

December 9, 2020 // Insights

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Your Virtual Sales Meeting Done Right

Sales and leadership meetings don’t cooperate with timetables produced by pandemics. The fiscal year will start whether or not the pandemic has been controlled.

The good news is sales meetings can be done virtually, and can be much more sophisticated and high-quality than you might expect. The even better news is that it’s not too late to plan your online sales meeting—and it’s definitely not too early.

However, there’s more involved than simply scheduling back-to-back Zoom or Webex meetings. Here are the top 5 points to consider when planning and delivering a sales meeting that will rival your in-person meetings, while keeping everyone safe.

Focus on Your Message

Message is always important, but especially so when doing a virtual event. metroConnections can counsel you on the best way to strategically develop a plan for this, based on your goals for the event. And, make sure your message comes through within a high-quality production. Having a partner like metroConnections guide you through program delivery, transitions, queues, and balance of concept can make a major difference in the outcome of your event.

Mix up the sessions

Zoom fatigue is a very real concern these days, especially for people who spend most of their days in video meetings. That’s why it’s even more important to plan for variety in your virtual event and get the most memorable speakers you can (and, if they aren’t memorable but have to speak, keep them as short as possible).

At metroConnections, we have considerable experience helping organizations plan dynamic meetings. We can help keep the event interesting with high-quality video content and engagement (see the next point), and we can set up virtual sales exhibit booths or environments as well, if your meeting needs them. Yes—you can do exhibits virtually!

Drive Engagement

Think out of the box: Your meeting doesn’t just have to be talking heads on a screen. Attendees will gain far more value and learning if you incorporate and encourage participation. metroConnections has numerous ways to help you make that happen, including:

  • Regional breakout sessions
  • Live chat
  • Audience polling
  • Q&A
  • Interactive virtual trivia activity, tied to your organization
  • Selfie slideshow of attendees

Recognize Top Performers

Another option for engagement is to include awards and recognition. metroConnections can create a custom awards segment through a variety of techniques to showcase your organization’s stars and give them the recognition they deserve. Learn how we combined live presenters with pre-recorded nominee commercials, then streamed award winners live as they accepted their awards and thanked colleagues for their support.


Just as at in-person events, there may be key people who are unable to attend part or all of a virtual event. But the virtual event can be archived for them to review when they’re able. metroConnections can enable you to have the entire event, or just key parts, saved for later retrieval (up to 30 days), in password-protected format to prevent unauthorized people from accessing them. This can include everything from keynote speeches to data capture to audience Q&A to a virtual exhibit hall.

Planning a virtual event instead of an in-person event can seem like an enormous pivot. But at metroConnections, we’ve been extending virtual events for years—this isn’t new to us. We have the expertise, the equipment—and the enthusiasm to help you plan your best event.

Connect with us today to discuss your sales meeting needs.

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