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Lists: Brand Your Venue, Five Smart Ways

April 27, 2016 // Tools

Five Smart Ways to Brand Your Venue

Take your event or conference to a new level by incorporating creative branding with signage and décor that transforms an ordinary venue into a uniquely themed and branded space.

  1. Know your space – It starts with the site visit. Maximize branding in areas attendees will frequent most.
  2. Creatively brand existing architecture. Feature applied logo decals on highly-visible structural elements such as stairways or pillars.
  3. Enhance the space with props, décor and functional pieces. Brand light boxes, tabletops and device charging stations.
  4. Jazz up directional, agenda and informational signage. Add branded floor decals to help direct attendees.
  5. Reuse your branded elements. Use materials and décor that can be easily removed, stored and repurposed.

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