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Ask the Expert: Graphical Emails

April 27, 2016 // Insights

Lacey Carrier, technology solutions designer, and Samantha Phillippe, account manager of Attend-eSource® technology services, discuss how to create the biggest impact with meeting and event email marketing.

Q: When should graphical emails be utilized for a meeting or event?
LC: We see them used for meetings that include vendors and partners, along with employees. They’re also great for company celebrations such as holiday parties.
SP: Graphical emails are for everyone! They are great for generating event attendance.

Q: What pieces of information must be included?
LC: The graphics often contain the theme and/or location so limit unnecessary text to avoid overwhelming the reader. Most events feature a series of emails so keep each one focused only on the required information.
SP: Since most graphical emails are save the date and invite emails, they should include the event name, location and dates. We sometimes include additional details or registration instructions, but it’s best to keep the text simple and engaging.

Q: How important is it to create a consistent theme across email, registration website and the event itself?
SP: It’s essential! Be sure all event registration materials (emails, website, mobile app, etc.) have the same branding throughout.
LC: Typically, we only send out full graphical emails for save the dates and/or invitations. Then we create a branded email header for future communications with more content with the same branding.

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