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metroConnections Tackles Super Bowl LII

March 24, 2018 // News

Super Bowl LII is long-gone from our hometown, but the mark it’s left on our community, and the local events industry, is undeniable. Throughout the course of Super Bowl LII, metroConnections worked on nearly 25 unique projects with clients from across the country, including VIP transportation services, a fan giveaway with branded kiosks at the Mall of America, and several collaborations with the NFL’s creative agency. From lessons learned at the 1992 Minneapolis Super Bowl to account management, event services and transportation, here’s more on how Super Bowl LII played out for our team.

“In 1992, we had many clients requesting outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, skating, touring the ice sculptures and ice castles, so we knew that having extra warm clothing on hand is essential. We realized visitors from other climates didn’t expect or prepare for sub-freezing temps. Coming from warmer weather, clients might not realize what kind of outerwear they’ll need – so we had extra hats, gloves and scarves for them to ensure they could partake and enjoy in activities here.” – David Graves, President and CEO

“Planning was unlike other programs due to so many moving pieces outside the control of our clients or internal planners, including NFL involvement, city logistics, celebrities, security, weather, travel plans. We’re used to sticky layers of detail, but Super Bowl 52 was on a whole new level. We had a few projects pop up months ago with current clients or referrals, but we had dozens of last minute requests – some less than 7 days out. It was expected given how quickly the event industry operates, but it was still surprising given the scope of the Super Bowl. Our phones and inboxes were filled with people looking for event support in the days, and even hours, leading up to Super Bowl weekend.” – Sydney Wolf, Senior Sales Manager

“For an official Super Bowl LII partner, we created an immersive Bold North experience at Herbie’s On The Park in downtown St. Paul. We utilized our AV team to project the company’s logo on the side of the building and incorporated Bold North colors and elements on all signage and décor. The event had an icy Northern Lights atmosphere, and a custom Super Bowl step-and-repeat made a fun background for group photos.” – Emily Thielman, Program Manager, Event Services

“This project was definitely different from anything I’ve ever done during my time at metroConnections. On any typical program, I’m used to fully managing registration and therefore building the invite list. This time, I showed up and the process was already complete. During my time at the Super Bowl Host Committee House, I got to see how many sponsors – many of them large, local companies – were entering and exiting this fun venue. It was a great opportunity to build my skill set and interact with VIPs who were a huge part of making this year’s Super Bowl a success. Because of our preparation for this event, I felt comfortable being onsite alone as tech support and confident that I could resolve any issues that came up.” – Nikki Rytkonen, Assistant Manager, Attend-eSource® Support Services

“With our Transportation team, information came much slower, which resulted in lots of last minute reactions. It was difficult to plan for additional support staff we didn’t know would be needed until sometimes hours before the event or activity. One thing that helped us avoid challenges was planning as much as we could ahead of time, including mapping out road closures and detours and establishing staff responsibilities.” – Renee Splittgerber, Director of Transportation Services

“We received compliments from the out of town clients regarding how well our team was put together. It also helped further our relationships with local vendors, since we were able to shield them from a lot of the visitor/out-of-state noise. They were more willing to work with us, versus others, which helped us deliver to out of state clients needing services. For future Super Bowl planners: plan accordingly with your other business. January is typically a big month for our event team anyway – so staff accordingly and prioritize so you can properly cater to your long-term customers as well as profit from the Super Bowl being local.” – Andrea Murphy, Vice President, Event Services

metroConnections has worked on a number of high-profile sporting events, including the
MLB All Star Game
and X Games, which prepared us for the fast-paced nature of the Super Bowl. We learn from every experience, and with Super Bowl LII under our belts, we’re even better able to anticipate and serve our clients’ needs when planning for an appearance at an upcoming major sporting event.

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