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Streaming Live Events

August 13, 2016 // Insights

Streaming Live Events – Notes From a Pro

Whether you’re communicating with customers, employees or prospects, live stream events provide the opportunity to reach more people around the world.

There are many elements to coordinate including technologies, promotion and presenters, but even little details, when overlooked, can disrupt a viewer’s experience and compromise the professionalism of your event. To demonstrate the importance of minor details, our production pro, Mindy McReynolds, shares tips on why choosing the right backdrop is essential.

Why wider is better:

Make certain your backdrop extends beyond the stage width to encompass all of the action. During panel presentations, if panelists on either end have no backdrop behind them, they appear disconnected from the group. This is especially true during centered, wide shots. A too-narrow backdrop also limits the camera operator’s ability to take close-up shots of these panelists.

Why height matters:

If the backdrop doesn’t extend high enough to the ceiling, participants may appear to be boxed-in during certain camera angles. A tall backdrop provides camera operators with maximum flexibility.

Why camera-friendly material is essential:

Some backdrops appear very pixilated when captured on camera. This can be especially distracting and obvious during full screen shots. The pixilation may also distort sponsor logos, making them look incomplete and unprofessional. Avoid this by testing your backdrop material to make certain it’s camera-friendly.

Choose the right color:

A backdrop color that’s incompatible with the skin tone and hair color of some participants will make them disappear. Also, pay attention to the color of the set furniture. If the backdrop color makes chairs blend into the backdrop, panelists will appear to be floating. Finally, be sure to coordinate the backdrop color with any featured logos as well.

Who realized a backdrop could be such a troublemaker? Mindy and her team know. With their AV expertise and attention to detail, your live stream events are always in good hands.

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