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Touch Screen Tables

July 2, 2019 // Tools

Get Attendees What They Need Quickly + Visually!

Our first touch screen table was created when a client wanted a digital brochure solution to avoid printing and shipping hard copy brochures that would inevitably wind up getting tossed before the tradeshow was over.

metroConnections quickly rose to the challenge and provided an innovative, two-fold solution: a custom-built table and an interactive digital platform.

metro’s new touch screen tables are completely customized, interactive tables that can be used in a variety of scenarios. Companies can use the touch screen tables as lead capture tools on the tradeshow floor, and as a virtual assistant in the conference lobby area.

The tables can be designed to fit any size or need, and our award-winning content team can customize a digital solution.

Our content team has built a variety of digital solutions, from custom shopping cart experiences where attendees can choose the specific digital collateral they want sent to them, to an interactive magazine-style brochure with video capabilities.

Interested in a custom touch screen table at your next event?

If you have a unique use case, we’re up for the challenge to design it from start to finish for your big day.

“Not only can we design and build these sleek tables, but we can create the original content that is displayed on them. We build in ultra-sophisticated gaming software that allows us to customize everything you see on the screen. No extra monitors or computers to plug into, everything runs directly from the screen built into the table.” – Brian Riebe, content team lead

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