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Trending: LED Light Boxes

April 27, 2016 // Insights

Trending: Illuminate Your Next Event

Make an impact with LED-lit fabric graphics for backdrops, registration counters, bars, conference branding and general signage from our events and production facility. This on-trend solution brilliantly displays graphics of any size with backlit technology and a modern, frameless design.

Why They’re Trending

The print quality on fabric is crisp and accurate, the backlit illumination fully accentuates every color detail within the image; and, the silicone-edged graphic ensures a drum-tight surface for evenly distributed light without shadows or hot spots.

Incredible Flexibility in Sizes and Displays

Available in custom sizes for endless applications, fabric LED light boxes allow you to dominate an event space, punctuate a tradeshow, illuminate a backdrop or create an impact when used as a bar or registration counter. Display options include wall mounting, free-standing, ceiling suspension and booth integration among others.

Interchangeable Graphics and Easy to Ship

Customizable graphics can be removed from the frames and replaced with new images, on one or both sides. Our team of designers can create fresh graphics whenever needed.

When it comes time for your event, the metroConnections team can simply ship the light boxes, reassemble them on-site and have them ready with your own branded graphics.

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