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metroConnections Stage Production can Boost Your Message with Engaging Visuals and Tech

September 20, 2022 // Educational Series

Conferences and other business events, at their core, are about communicating crucial information to attendees. Sales techniques, company-wide objectives and KPIs, top-level strategy and nitty-gritty minutiae–communicating these often complex details effectively is the first and highest priority of any general session.

However, the most successful business events do more than just educate and inform attendees–They also motivate, inspire, engage and entertain. They go beyond dry bullet points on a projector screen and leave lasting impressions that charge a workforce’s batteries for the business year to come. metroConnections has a proven track record of elevating events for business of all sizes, and their Stage Production pillar serves as the backbone of their capability for dazzling experiences.

“Our Stage Production staff are the bedrock of our conferences,” explains Haley Foulkes, metroConnections Director of Production Services. “They’re the ones who are ultimately responsible for what’s happening on an event’s main stage, and they relish the challenge of delivering a memorable show for our clients.”

One of the factors that makes metroConnections’ events so effective is their Stage Production team’s ability to understand a client’s goals for an event and translate those goals into a compelling onstage product. This understanding is derived from a constant flow of communication with dedicated production team representatives who shepherd a client all the way from their brainstorming phase through event wrap-up. By establishing a base of understanding, metroConnections staff can ensure that every aspect of the show, from keynote addresses and video content, to microphones and laptops, are working together to clearly articulate a client’s message.

“My job is to work with a client and our internal creative team to develop an event that’s as visually impressive as possible within the scope of their budget,” says metroConnections Technical Director Lucas Stillwell, “We’re always looking for ways to add exciting new pieces of technology to take a client’s show to that next level.”

From confetti cannon blasts and live performances, from seven-piece bands to massive, eye catching video screen arrays and light shows, metroConnections Stage Production staff definitely know how to leave a big impression on conference and event attendees. However, they’re also careful to never let spectacle get in the way of comprehension.

“It’s crucial to make sure that we’re never compromising the nuts and bolts of our events,” says Stillwell, “While big visuals are great, they can’t come at the expense of the client being able to deliver their content and message to their audience.”

At a recent event for a client in the window and door industry, Lucas and his teammates crafted a hybrid conference that combined an in-person audience with a larger pool of remote attendees. Leaning on the deep knowledge of their client’s company goals and values, metroConnections was able to bring in a stunning piece of visual technology, which in turn made the program all the more effective by its seamless fit with the client’s company culture.

“We knew our client’s business had a strong face-to-face culture, so we set up four large projection screens behind the in-person audience, and projected a rotating gallery view of 150 virtual attendees on-screen in the room with them,” says Stillwell.

“The result was a total hit–they loved it,” Stillwell explains “For a show that wouldn’t normally involve a lot of back-and-forth, even if it had been a fully in-person event, there was tons of shoutouts to virtual attendees from the speakers, and impromptu conversation moments.”

These are the kinds of memorable, engagement-driving experiences that you can expect at your next event when you work with metroConnections. Our Stage Production staff are fully equipped with the tools and experience to take your event beyond a PowerPoint slideshow, and turn it into something unforgettable.

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