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Stellar Events from Concept to Clean-up

March 1, 2023 // Educational Series

Imagine if you paid handsomely for a luxury hotel, only to arrive and find out that you were expected to make your own bed, buy and cook all of your own food, mix your own drinks, and take out the trash. You’d probably start to wonder why you didn’t just save your money and stay home!

While many industry competitors are content to offer one or two discrete event services, metroConnections understands the value of a truly “all-inclusive” experience for the client. Our Event Management specialists act as your concierge through a comprehensive array of services encompassing every detail of your event, all provided in-house by industry-leading experts.

“We’ve got an incredibly talented team of people drawing on a broad range of skills,” says metroConnections Vice President of Client Services, Rachel Portela, “From logistics, to creative concepts, to technology focused solutions, our people cover a lot of bases that you don’t often see in other parts of the industry.”

However, just like a guest might be overwhelmed by a dizzying array of amenities listed in a hotel’s brochure, we understand that our clients might not always know where to start –or what to ask for–in order to achieve their goals for their event.

Rather than starting by handing our client a potentially confusing list of services, metroConnections begins our process by asking our client detailed questions about their event. Answers to questions like: “Who are the stakeholders?” and “What is the event’s primary business objective?” help our experts tailor an event plan that’s fully customized to your needs–even those needs you might not have anticipated!

“Communication is key to everything we do here, it starts with really listening to the client,” says Portela.

“Clients don’t always have the ability to articulate their visions, so our Event Management staff ask detailed questions to make sure our client is really getting what they want.”

Once your plan has been created and event preparations are underway, your appointed Event Management Planner will continue to act as your liaison to all of metroConnections services, checking in with various departments for regular updates, maintaining a consistent budget and timeline, and answering any additional questions. Just like a hotel’s concierge serves as your first point of contact for room service and transportation, your Event Management Planner will be your key to our fully integrated event services.

“Our event planners do a great job of giving our clients the tools to show progress and measure successes,” Portela explains, “We regularly present virtual renderings, scale models, and other visual aids to give clients a proof of concept, and the ability to request changes before event day.”

With this constant flow of information at their fingertips, metroConnections’ clients have plenty of reasons to feel confident about their event at every stage of its cycle, making for a seamless experience that takes the anxiety out of planning even the most ambitious conferences.

“metroConnections has so many different talent sets on our team that we can really walk the client through what the event is going to be like before they arrive on-site,” says Portela, “We hold their hand from the second that they start talking to us until the event wrap-up is complete. It is a service delivery that truly stands out in an industry dealing with many complications upon the return of so many in-person conference and event programs.”

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