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Delivering Affordable Streaming Content

October 6, 2021 // Educational Series

metroConnections can help you live-stream your next event–without busting your budget

As the realities of COVID-19 and inclement weather continue to shape in-person events around the world, more companies than ever are choosing to add streaming video to the scope of their upcoming events to better reach attendees virtually. metroConnections offers cost-effective streaming solutions that will fit seamlessly into the structure of your next event, allowing your company to deliver virtual viewers the same premium-quality presentations that your in-person attendees are receiving on-site.

In order to provide a great streaming experience for your remote viewers, you’re going to need a great streaming platform. metroConnections’ team can create a custom-branded portal to serve as home base for all of your event’s content, allowing attendees to stream presentations on-demand at a later date, or protecting sensitive presentations with additional layers of security. metroConnections will record your stream and will keep your content live on the portal for up to 30 days, allowing visitors additional time to watch multiple broadcasts.

“We’ve had a tremendous volume of requests in the last month from clients looking to add a streaming component to their existing events, from virtual keynotes to live-streamed trainings” says Bill Sather, Vice President, Technology Operations at metroConnections. “No matter what your needs are, we’ve got streaming options to help you reach your people who desire to watch remotely.”

metroConnections’ team will begin by contacting your audio visual supplier to asses where our services will best fit within the technical execution of your event, and determine whether additional equipment needs to be sourced. Working with your event partner, metroConnections will then deliver a streaming plan based on your company’s budget and needs.

“We’ve been able to take what we do with fully virtual events and box it up into a small, ready-to-travel package,” says Sather, “Our gear is compact enough fit into overhead compartments, so our staff can show up on-site and hit the ground running without the need to ship heavy equipment.”

Working within the existing infrastructure of your event helps metroConnections streaming team remain lightweight and agile, which, in turn, saves you money.

“It is all about teamwork in our industry these days,” says Sather, “We’re going to partner with that vendor on the equipment that’s in the general session and or breakout rooms. If they already have cameras, then we’ll work with their cameras. If they need cameras, we’ll supply them and set them up.”

Once on-site, metroConnections streaming team will occupy a small footprint, well-outside of your event’s control center, helping limit congestion for your event producer. Once presentations are underway, our specialists will work with all of the content from your program to create a customized show that’s been tailored to maximize comprehension and entertainment value for the virtual viewer.

“Once upon a time, most event streams were produced with a single camera,” explains Sather, “Now, virtual attendees are expecting high-level production values. Our team brings that in the form of TV-style graphics, transitions, and more.”

While metroConnections has a proven track record of producing industry-leading hybrid, fully-virtual and in-person events from start to finish for our clients, we’re also more than happy to work with your in-house audio visual supplier to offer comprehensive streaming support.

“We understand that our clients have deep relationships with their trusted partners in the industry,” says Sather, “When those trusted partners need a boost in the streaming department, that’s where we can help.”

To learn more on how you can add a streaming component to your next in-person event, contact us at

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