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Setting the Stage

October 25, 2019 // Insights

Setting the Stage with Strategy, Integrated Branding and Creative Design

metroConnections is a trusted one-stop-shop solution for our clients. We go the extra mile to truly understand your business, and your marketing goals and objectives. We go beyond our capabilities and service offerings of conferences, events, production and transportation to ensure every event integrates your branding flawlessly in every aspect of your programs.

Our creative services and strategy team then take that brand to next level in every way possible so that your brand shines through your event and is amplified in every detail.

From the moment we partner together, we immerse ourselves in your organization’s brand in order to thoughtfully execute the look and feel you want your attendees to experience. Our award-winning creative team amazingly weaves your brand throughout every event tactic and element, creating a robust experience focused on your unique vision and values.

With a deep understanding of your brand, we’re able to strategically concept and execute all the creative aspects of your marketing programs. And you only have to share your whole brand story with us once – we’ll commit it to memory and share it with new members of our team, ensuring that your brand is carried out through every event we partner on together. No need for big brand story kick-off meetings for every event!

Our integrated branding capabilities ensure a seamlessly branded experience across every aspect of every program, from trade show booths to conference registration websites, events to stage designs for general sessions. Our strategic partnership also ensures that we can reuse branded solutions across multiple programs, saving your organization precious resources across your annual marketing budget.

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