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Enhance Your Next Event with World-Class Content & Visuals

August 1, 2022 // Educational Series

Let’s put it simply: Investing in excellent creative content is the single most important thing that your business can do to ensure that your next conference or event experience leaves a lasting impact.

Great creative acts as the sizzle that sells your steak–the dazzling spectacle that leaves attendees feeling awed and inspired. While robust logistics, planning, and execution are undoubtedly critical factors for success, few conference attendees ever come home and gush to their families about how efficient their check-in desk experience was.

Too often in the event production industry, the choice between having great creative and great planning and logistics is presented as an either-or binary–but this doesn’t have to be the case. metroConnections employs a full-service creative team–an anomaly within our industry–that works hand-in-hand with our acclaimed event production departments to deliver stunning visuals that enhance our flawlessly executed general session or evening events.

“We’re in charge of telling a compelling story for our clients,” explains Phil Karatz, Director of Creative Services “A lot of our clients only get this one chance a year to spread their integrated brand message to their employees, customers, or external vendors.”

“The look, the feel, the sound, we have to get all of these elements just right,” he continues, “We know that these events can be critical to a business’ success, and we put pressure on ourselves to make sure our clients’ stories have a positive impact.”

By removing the need to divide a client’s event budget between a traditional production company and an outside creative agency, metroConnections can not only ensure that clients are maximizing the impact of their dollars, but also cut down on needless inefficiencies. Onboarding an event producer to your company’s rigorous brand guidelines, or communicating complex technical production specs to a creative partner can waste valuable labor hours for your staff. When you work with metroConnections, all of that back-and-forth is handled in-house by experts in their respective fields.

“Designing files to work with the complex video screen arrays that wow attendees requires specific software and expertise,” says Thomas Hays, Creative Services Manager, “If you’re going to get the most of out of all that screen real estate, you can’t just be creating your content in PowerPoint.”

If your business employs its own creative staff, metroConnections Creative Services department will integrate seamlessly with your people to ensure that your event is on-brand and on-target for your company’s long-term vision.

“We’re chameleons in the sense that we can work many styles of clients, plus we’re really good listeners,” says Karatz, “We’re taking the client’s guidelines and standards to heart, and we have plenty of checks and balances in place to make sure that we’re staying consistent with their goals while ensuring all is on brand.”

By integrating their “left brain” planning and logistics competencies with their “right brain” innovative creative services, metroConnections produces holistic and comprehensive events for their clients that maximize value and minimize waste. Who says you can’t have delicious steak that sizzles too?

“Our clients are putting a lot of hours and effort into creating an amazing and impactful show,” says Hays, “Our team are experts at helping them present their content in a way that makes that WOW moment on the big screen.”

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