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Executing Brand Promise

October 25, 2019 // Insights

Executing Brand Promise at the Farm Progress Show

metroConnections partnered with chemical manufacturing company FMC Corporation over the last year as they relaunched and rebranded their entire brand platform and brand story. FMC chemistries help grow the world’s food, improve health, enhance foods and beverages, contribute to sustainable energy and the creation of other essential commodities. Now that the brand is re-established, FMC wanted to re-engage with the agricultural community, and had not done the Farm Progress Show in many years.

The Farm Progress Show is the nation’s largest outdoor agricultural event and claims more than 150,000 visitors over three days with 600 exhibitors and 360 acres of field demonstrations.

Together we created an immersive brand experience for everyone who visited FMC’s tent, from the open networking and rigging to the pillow and umbrella colors – everything was strategically planned to make sure the FMC brand was clearly seen and remembered by all. We produced a mainstage event inside the tent, and also multiple lunch and networking events. We also hosted live broadcasts from the stage to incorporate media and radio into the event.

FMC highly values sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches, so we helped make their brand experience for attendees primarily digital rather than handing out brochures or paper goods. We had several digital elements, including a touch screen to tell the story with video clips and more info available that attendees could email to themselves directly from the screen. And the on-screen content that we shared added to that cohesive in-tent look, making for a streamlined overall experience between the spoken and visual content.

To bring the crowds into FMC’s tent, we branded hawker boxes for our team to carry on the streets and hand out branded goods and food to passersby. So often, people don’t feel comfortable engaging and approaching a “booth table” or people behind a counter, but they’ll gladly take free food and branded items and engage with people next to them on the street. The hawker boxes enabled mobile engagement and helped get people into the tent, especially ahead of presentations and other on-stage events.

With the rigging and open space, we created an open networking space with lighting and sound and music that attendees enjoyed spending time in and in-turn, got to know the FMC brand. Partnering with our event production agency brought a fresh perspective, and we all stepped outside of our comfort zone and challenged ourselves to look at the opportunity differently and do something that is not done every day.

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